The image transfer vs. Facebook: You must not choose and facebook privacy settings


In the past, I allow about facebook privacy settings on Facebook and how it affects your photos in the discussion of the photo viewer and people to print photos. It also explains how to change your facebook privacy settings on Facebook, an album of photos that have been added, changing, and the photos you have on your wall. I want to explore this issue, why do not you have to sacrifice upload photos to Facebook in the interest of facebook privacy settings. Instead, you can sort your photos to be separated from their colleagues, friends and family in the download process. This allows you to have a Facebook account to keep the different parts of your life.

Just because someone has a picture that does not want somebody does not show up on Facebook necessarily mean that it is appropriate (well, maybe sometimes), more often, they just want a little facebook privacy settings and freedom to take photos without trial to . Publish fortunately do with absolute facebook privacy settings options on Facebook; it is easy to separate the different parts of your life so that you not take long if you upload a photo doubtful. It is easy to do. Just follow these steps each time you upload new photos on Facebook.

If you create a photo album, you can the facebook privacy settings of this album, so that only certain people can see and others not. Use facebook privacy settings and safe your facebook. Facebook privacy settings are needed for protection your facebook.

Facebook allows you to control your facebook privacy settings in two different ways to make it easier for you. For a particular album, you can find some people who just want to be able to an album or a handful of people who cannot be seen. Of course, who has the lowest number is the own choice. To make this easier to understand, I’ll give you two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Suppose you went to a concert with five of his friends and they want to be able to see the photos in this album. In this case, as follows:

Under the title “making this visible, these people” to “specific” People from here you can choose the beginning of the name of the person to the right person in the list of people who appear to ยป… Place the letter of the name until you want the list of people to see the selected album.

Scenario 2: I recently went to dinner with friends and a beer. They took pictures and had clear liquor on the table. Your grandmother does not know that you drink and you have to accept your friend request! Do not worry, downloading the photos in this album to “hide from these people” to start the name of your grandmother or any other person who cannot will not see the album and the candle.

You can also facebook privacy settings for photos as well as warning signs: You cannot change certain photos of all the photos on the account highlighted go to the upper right corner of Facebook, then select Facebook privacy settings “then on” Custom facebook privacy Settings “, click in the middle of the page. “To work on other things” and “pictures and videos that I’m strong in” Click “Change facebook privacy settings” and then you can “Custom” from the drop-down menu. You can then hide or selected images you can see photos of the category described above.


No stress on the photos you are after on Facebook. Get used to change the facebook privacy settings of your albums when you upload them, and do not forget to change the facebook privacy settings of their pictures are already on Facebook.

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